Joint Ventures

A successful Joint Venture brings advantages to all parties. Technology transfer on the one hand, new markets on the other – to mention just one example. But it does not always pan out as hoped for. That is normally due less to the technical situation, rather it is due to not enough care being given to harmonising the different company cultures.

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Abu Dhabi

Klingel Consult is specialised in the brokering of company partnerships between Europe and the Arab world. All companies that we recommend are, of course, at the cutting edge of their technology. Equally important for us, however, is the willingness to enter a long term mutually beneficial cooperation.

For this to succeed we support and accompany the partners on their way to developing the business relationship, in the negotiations, and on request, beyond this.

Our services:

At the moment Klingel Consult is arranging with British Offset the search for partners and the set up of Joint Ventures in Saudi Arabia.

We bill our services at the usual international rate for management and engineering consultants. Only in exceptional cases can a commission be negotiable.