Dieter Klingel

Dieter Klingel is a graduate mechanical engineer with 30 years of management experience as the Manager Sales and Application in the automotive supply industry. He combines profound technical know-how with manifest manager qualities, communications and negotiating skills.

Dieter Klingel holds a US patent for the onward development of the two stage turbo charger and has excellent contacts in the automotive industry such as MAN, Liebherr, DAF, VOLVO, Scania or Ford Otosan. In Klingel Consult he holds the position of Senior Consultant Automotive Engineering.


After passing the Abitur (qualification for university entrance) Dieter Klingel first managed the family grain merchants before he decided in 1967 to study general mechanical engineering at the polytechnic in Darmstadt. After graduating as an engineer in 1971 he moved to the University of Kaiserslautern to continue his mechanical engineering studies. There he focussed on engines and turbomachinery and graduated (Diplomingenieur) in 1975.

After a year as an assistant lecturer he joined the well-known turbo charger manufacturer AG Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch, Frankenthal, a company with international connections with 200 million Euro turnover and 1500 employees.

As the marketing manager for Scandinavia and the Asian market Dieter Klingel first looked after Volvo and the Saab/Scania group in Sweden and Daewoo and Hyundai in Korea, both technically and commercially. From 1980 his marketing region was expanded to include the Spanish and Dutch markets (Enasa, DAF), then from 1986 MAN and Steyr.

On AG Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch being taken over by BorgWarner Turbo Systems in 1999 Dieter Klingel was made Manager Sales and Application for the European market with 8 staff and 25 million Euro group turnover. He was responsible for products and sales for MAN, DAF, Liebherr and Ford Otosan and for the R & D partners of the company.

For Klingel Consult Dieter Klingel advises domestic and overseas engineering companies and auto parts suppliers.